Dental Preventive Care

The basis of sound dental care is routine cleaning and maintenance cleanings on the basis of your periodontal, (gums and bone), health. We utilize medicated gels along with prescription mouth rinses in problems areas if necessary. Ultrasonic scalers are sometimes used to make the procedure more comfortable and effective as well.

Sealants should be used as a part of a child’s total preventive dental care. Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings which are applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars (back teeth). Most tooth decay in children and teens occurs in these surfaces. Sealants cover the chewing surfaces to prevent decay and can last as long as 5 to 10 years.

We use state of the art digital X-rays and digital camera to help with an accurate diagnosis of any concerns. Digital X-rays use less radiation to get a diagnostic picture of your teeth and they help the environment by eliminating the use of chemicals to process the film. We support and follow state and national recommendations to take a “Full Mouth” series of x-rays every 5 years and “Four Bite-Wings” (to see in between the teeth) annually.  New to our office in 2014 is our digital Panorex X-ray unit.  Often we are able to use this instead of a “Full Mouth” series, thus reducing the amount of radiation even more!

We encourage you to brush and floss twice a day if possible.  This should help remove the plaque that builds up daily on all of our teeth.  Tartar, on the other hand, is harder and most often can’t be removed with brushing.  That’s why we recommend a minimum of two cleanings and check ups a year.  This will help insure you keep your teeth for your lifetime and helps reduce the needs for other treatment.  Keep smiling … we are here for you!